Just before leaving Kingston it poured, this is along Terry Fox.

Here is a picture of the walkway they fixed with the new pipe. Doesn't seem to be working very well does it.

Beautiful double rainbow.

Could see both ends

Nothing like starting off on a trip and it's the first good snow fall. Where did all the rain go?

Another beautifull sunrise as we took off.

AAAAH, after only getting 2.5 hours sleep the night before, having 3 seats to lay across looked really good.

Nice view of the mountains today.

OOOH, another GM car, at least it was easy to drive.

Kinda boxy looking though.

When I got there I knew I had been there before, a little invensigation turned up the answer. This is the site of the cool training story.

I have actually been here 4 times, Old Nortel building on the right, Great America theme park on the left.

And ooooh, again it's closed for the season. I don't see any snow.

Rachel's next house?

Christmas trees and no snow, seems weird.

Beautiful day to travel 101.

Quite cold in the mornings.

The CEO taught me how to Black Jack, pretty cool. I then played the rest of the evening ending up $5800.00 starting with $1000.00, fake of course.

Nice big trees along the side of the road, nothing in the yards though.

Another tree shot

Kinda foggy take off from the airport.

Oh look, are these UTDC train tracks? (Where grandpa worked)

Ok, so you are printing labels for a huge airport and you get it wrong, now someone has to stroke out the down and put up on all of them.

Another beautiful day to travel back, too tired to really enjoy it though.

Another windmill farm. Travel was quite bumpy over the mountains, but none of these were turning. Do they ever?

Ooooooooh, people skiing without me.

Awesome night to land in TO, could see all the beautiful lights for miles.

And miles

and miles

The Moon wis bright in the star filled sky.

Aaah, back to the snow!

Hay, did you know they make these for only $1.00. How do they do that?

Hay, are you talking to me?