Taking off just before sunrise from Toronto

Beautiful sunrise as we went through the clouds.

A light dusting of snow on the fields here in Ontario.

Same thing as we get to the middle of the continent.

Looks kinda like a big beach.

Zooming in a bit.

Goes for miles and miles.

Finally hit the Mountains.

Weird how they seem to be in clumps.

With some really big ones off in the distance.

Wish I was down there :-)

More variation.

All in one picture, Big peaks, long rifts and big washed out looking area.

Oh, Now we start getting into the real mountains. They look big even from a plane.

And valleys.

OOOH, and more skiing.

Here we go, Razr's ... in a vending machine, what next?

Looks like a big plane for over the ocean.

Looking down at the waves hitting the beach.

Heading, North.

Couds, clouds and more clouds.

Rice fields near Shanghai

Comming in over the rice fields.

Picture of the new and old together, need a better camera.

Still a beautiful city.

Lots of nice looking buildings.

Lots of $ spent making them look nice.

Lots of fancy archatecture.

Hummm, and imported here.

At the Pudong tower.

Pretty tall.

Well kept

Must be China

Yup definitely tall.

Looking east to the old city, Note all the big old buildings.

There's that tower from last time.

Looking at the new section, These are huge buildings.

A big residential section.

Better shot looking up the river.

Note those buildings are up here too.

Straight out.

Oh ya, and I'm here.

Trying to get...

A good picture.

Looking out towards the ocean.

Looking out over the resedential section.

Look at ll the welding going on. (The bright spots all over)

Boats on the river.

One Big...

big, building.

Zoom in over the old city.

More towards the city center.

Boats, boats and more boats.

Woooh, we are a long way up.

Something big going on here.

More boats.

Even an ad boat.

Big stadium.

Nice residential highrise, eh.

Nanjing road from the other side.

Hummm, an aquarrium, maybe next time.

Another fancy Mariott.

While we were shopping they wouldn't let us look at this item up close.

We did sneek a peek at the Mazaratti though.

A couple of “friends”, selling us some stuff.

The perl market, there were lots and lots of these tables.

Nice buns, :-)

Everything is nicely lit up at night.

Even the simple buildings.

Local brand shoes.

And more shoes

And even more shoes, oh, and my laptop bag.

Looking straight down

Residential Shanghai

Do you think they make Hefe Weiss there?

Looking out over the old city

Base of another big building

Businesses and houses close together.

Looking up the river

Nanjing shopping district and waterfront

Hotel lobby

Walking around

Fancy top on the building

Beautiful view of one of the many roadway gardens

Jane and Jane putting our perls together.

Hotel restaurant on the 26th floor.

Super collider across the street from us, as well as some lower income housing.

Fancy looking building for a big magnet

Real Chinese dinner

A clear sky day

Lots of green spaces

among the tall buildings

Mag lev train bed

The train, got going 437 kph, that was fast.

and it's a big train.

A town with lots of mix


oooh, so fast the camera blurs :-)

Nice day to take off

View of the city


and houses mixed together

With a little industry as well

For as far as the eye can see

And see

Broken up with waterways

Temperature inversion, not the colour smog we are used to.

Looking out over the ocean

Long bridge out to islands in deeper water

Water treatment plant

Another picture of the bridge

It's a huge bridge

The islands

more islands

Tons of boats going back and forth.

Going up Japan

Wind miills on a thin strip between islands and

Yup, most of them are not turning.


Lots of people and look, a big golf course. at the top

And another one.

Now this is where the wind mills should have been look at the white caps

Mount Fuji on the other side of the plane

And the sun goes down

Just after I took this picture of the date line, the plane hit sharp turbulance, did we hit the line?

And the sun came back up hours later.