Following the river up to St Marie

The highway winds along the river, it's a scenic drive

And lots of fun

Eventually you move away from the river towards the mountains

That's Mont St Marie in the middle with Lake St Marie between us.

Picture from down by the lake.

In the winter the road goes out onto the lake, There are little streets plowed and all.

Hard to see, but there is trailers, cars and trucks out there with lots of people.

View from the top of the near side, beautiful day.

Picture looking from the top to the bottom, looks like quite a ways from here, eh!

Picture of the chalet and lift from the top of the last drop. You can see the buildings from the last shot in the background.

Still nice snow (east) conditions as it gets later in the day.

View from the bottom looking up the last drop.

Mike at the bottom of Betsie, my favorite run.

The last drop on Betsie, fun wow!

Thr runout from the blue run and the bottom of Formidable.

Looking towards the larger mountains.

Top of Betsie

And the middle, what's that puff of now in the middle, to the left of the skier we can see.

Looking a different direction

Looking back toward Ottawa

The top of Formidabla, One small step for man, one big drop from here.

Looking over at the other side.

The bottom, of the far side.

Here comes Mike in the center of the picture.

Yup, that's Mike, and here comes a pile of snow.

The picture everybody has from Mt St Marie, I love eating lunch up here.

View of the other hill showing the green run.

Yup, the earth is round.